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Send SMS From Your Website

SMSCenter.PK offers you Free API to send SMS in Pakistan on any network from your website.


What is this API?
This API (Applicaton Programmer Interface) will provide you a simple and easy interface (with php sdk) with which you can send and receive sms in your own websites, web applications and desktop applications. You can retrieve sms in your inbox and outbox with the help of this API and you can also send sms with it. Please download the API and start using it to know more ...


About the API

This sample php sdk can be used to test/implement free sms functionality in your sms application.
The API is available in json for now. It can also be used with javascript, but I have not yet provided an official code for javascript. The url for API is


The functions can be called like this:
http://api.smscenter.pk/isValid/YOUR-SECRET-API-KEY.json Accepts the API key and tells if it is valid or not.

http://api.smscenter.pk/auth/YOUR-SECRET-API-KEY.json Accepts two parameters by HTTP POST request (username = registered username, password = password of the user) and tells the API key.

http://api.smscenter.pk/newmsg/YOUR-SECRET-API-KEY.json Shows the latest new unread message in the inbox of the user.

http://api.smscenter.pk/inbox/YOUR-SECRET-API-KEY.json Gives the inbox of the user.

http://api.smscenter.pk/outbox/YOUR-SECRET-API-KEY.json Gives the outbox of the user.

http://api.smscenter.pk/smscenter/YOUR-SECRET-API-KEY.json Accepts three parameters by HTTP POST request (phone = phone number to which the sms will be sent, msg = message, type = 0 for regular and 1 for flash sms) to send sms.

Please contact us if you have any queries. The sms sent using your API KEY will deduct sms from your account.

Members Comments

  • I am working here in UAE from last 2 years, I want to send free sms in Pakistan and come across this website. Now i am premanent user of this site as they provide best and instant delivery of sms in Pakistan
    Haseeb From Abu Dhabi UAE

  • I am Ali, working in UK as a accountant in london. I was looking complete Two Way sms in Pakistan. I waste a lot of time on most of the other paid site, but then I came to this site, and my problem is solved. Thanks to smscenter.pk team.
    Ali From London UK

  • I am working here in New York from last 5 years, I know there is alot of apss now to connect with our loved one but i have a issue that in Pakistan in my village we don't have internet. So i was also looking to send free sms in Pakistan and i almost check all the website and disheart due to their overdely time of delivery. Then oneday i found this site and my problem is solved, Now i am premanent use of SMSCenter.PK
    Usman From New York.